my clients

I don’t really have a typical client, but most people seem to fit into one of these categories below.

Absolute beginner:  you are terrified of your computer, bemused by your tablet or unsure what you can do on your phone other than make calls.  You're worried that you’ll break something, feel like you’re getting left behind by technology and maybe have left it too late to start. Your friends and family love to help but don’t take things at a speed you can follow.


Frustrated novice: you’ve been using your computer or other device for a while and know how to do the basics but often describe yourself as ‘completely hopeless’ because there are holes in your knowledge and you’d love to understand it better and be in control. You don't know what to do when something goes wrong.


Disorganised enthusiast: you use your computer happily to achieve most of what you want one way or the other, but it’s a bit hit and miss and you don’t really know quite what you’ve got or where.  You’d like to take control, learn what else you could do and get answers to all those niggling little questions that keep arising. You want to sort out problems, big or small, that are getting in the way of your enjoyment.


Proud owner of a new toy: you’ve just got a new laptop, tablet or phone and can’t wait to get started.  But how?  What do all the buttons do? What do you really need?  And are there things you ought to do properly before you jump in with both feet?


Reluctant sceptic: you really don’t like computers but you realise they’re a necessary evil and have decided it’s time to learn how to use them.


Confident user: you’ve been using your computer comfortably for some time now and are secure in your knowledge and use of it.  Now there is something new you need to learn, for work or for pleasure.


Which one are you?!

To see what my clients have to say about me, read my Testimonials page.

If you would like to speak to one of my existing clients for a reference, please just ask me and I can put you in touch with them – I understand how helpful it can be to get references from other people.