Image by Domenico Loia
setup new devices

for computer, tablet & phone

  • connect to the internet

  • set up email

  • install required apps & programs

  • set up security & antivirus

  • transfer information from other devices

  • set up backup

for printer, router, network adapter

  • install on your wireless network

  • ensure the best location is selected

  • provide connections to your devices

fix problems
  • troubleshoot all sorts of errors

  • declutter & speed up slow computers

  • optimise your settings & storage

  • upgrade Windows & MacOS

  • remove viruses & other malware

  • fix email problems

  • analyse & resolve internet speed & connection issues

  • sort out password confusion

learn new skills
  • get started with your computer, tablet or phone

  • increase your knowledge, confidence & understanding

  • linking & syncing your devices

  • understanding the jargon

  • organise your files, music & photos

  • manage back ups

  • what is the cloud & how, why & when to use it

  • Office, photos, emails, music, internet

get advice
  • when to get a new computer

  • what type of computer, tablet or phone to buy

  • how much to pay

  • smartphones, mobile contracts

  • backup solutions

  • what software to buy or for free


I provide lessons on your own computer or device, in the comfort of your home or workplace. Usually these are one-to-one but I am happy to teach two people together if that would work better for you. I work with everyone as an individual, finding out what they already know & what style of teaching suits them best, so that they can gain confidence and knowledge at a pace that works for them. We also have a lot of fun along the way!

I encourage you to write notes as we go along, and I will often provide follow-up notes on the areas we cover, to use as a reminder & reference.  As with lessons of all kinds, the more you practice, the more quickly you’ll improve.  It’s also really helpful to write down a list of questions as they occur to you, ahead of your lesson.